Dermis, a sacra collective project, is a collection of immersive virtual reality meditations that investigate skin as an object of anthropological study. We invite participants to explore a virtual skin-scape and reflect on the skin as the border between private and public experiences of self, a site of social constructs, and as a permeable membrane prone to injury and scarring. 
The experience is mediated through a series of workshops where participants are in dialogue about skin-related topics such as eruptions, color, and the passage of time. Participants are then asked to submit an example of their own skin experience including “title” and “image”. Their experiences are translated and embedded into the virtual skin-scape through 3dmodels, images, sounds, and textual references. Dermis is accessed via Styly, a web browser-friendly AR/VR creative platform.

Submissions: sacra.art.collective@gmail.com

Stories & images of scars, Experience with your skin and aging, Stories of skin and contact.

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